3D-printed system for the spectrophotometric determination of lead in water


  • Mattio Elodie
  • Robert-Peillard Fabien
  • Coulomb Bruno
  • Boudenne Jean-Luc
  • Branger Catherine
  • Puzio Kinga
  • Margaillan André
  • Brach-Papa Christophe
  • Knoery Joël


  • 3D-printing
  • Flow system
  • Solid phase extraction
  • Lead

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Over the last few years, the development of 3D printing has enabled numerous advances in research. This type of printing technology opens a vast array of possibilities in analytical chemistry, and more particularly in the field of flow analysis. Ease of fabrication and flexibility of this technology has led to the development of a new type of system for the determination of lead in natural waters. This device is composed of three units: a column for selective retention of lead, a mixing coil and a microfluidic cell for UV-Vis spectroscopy. The final goal is to get a fast system which can be used on site, with a low limit of detection and quantification.

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