Simulating compound-specific isotope ratios in plumes of groundwater pollutants with BIOSCREEN-AT-ISO


  • Höhener Patrick
  • Li Zhi M
  • Julien Maxime
  • Nun Pierrick
  • Robins Richard J.
  • Remaud Gérald S.

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BIOSCREEN is a well-known simple tool for evaluating the transport of dissolved contaminants in groundwater, ideal for rapid screening and teaching. This work extends the BIOSCREEN model for the calculation of stable isotope ratios in contaminants. A three-dimensional exact solution of the reactive transport from a patch source, accounting for fractionation by first-order decay and/or sorption, is used. The results match those from a previously published isotope model but are much simpler to obtain. Two different isotopes may be computed, and dual isotope plots can be viewed. The dual isotope assessment is a rapidly emerging new approach for identifying process mechanisms in aquifers. Furthermore, deviations of isotope ratios at specific reactive positions with respect to “bulk” ratios in the whole compound can be simulated. This model is named BIOSCREEN-AT-ISO and will be downloadable from the journal homepage.

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