Job opportunities

Consult here the current job offers for permanent and non-permanent staff (doctoral and post-doctoral contracts and internships):



Non Permanent staff

PhD  : “Evaluation of the contribution of shipping emissions to the urban background of Marseille based on PM1 chemical composition and oxidative potential (OP) from particulate and gaseous pollutants” please send an email, and containing a cover letter, a CV and a list of references.


Permanent staff

Researcher position in Environmental Analytical Chemistry

The researchers working at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) are government officials. As such, they are recruited through competitive examinations. These competitions are open every year in all scientific fields, and the deadline for applications is early January. Scientists with a doctorate, PhD or equivalent degree may apply to several types of positions (researcher, research director) depending on their experience and quality of their academic records. The recruitment consists of 2 mains distinct phases: (1) Submission of written documents exposing your past research activities and a detailed research project. (2) Evaluation by a national jury, and invitation (or not) for an oral presentation (10 to 15 minutes) where the candidate defends her/his past research and her/his research project. Prior to these 2 phases, the candidate is strongly encouraged to contact us in order to optimize her/his chance of success to this national-wide competition. The modalities are detailed hereafter.

Associate Professor position within the atmospheric chemistry group

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