Aerosol Super site : Marseille - Longchamp

(Photo: M.F. Leccia)

Marseille 5 avenuesMarseille-Longchamp super site, a joint effort of AirPACA (Regional Air Quality Network) and LCE, is located in the IMERA (Institute for advanced studies of the Aix Marseille University) facilities nearby the Longchamp park, downtown Marseille. Classified as an urban background environment, the measurements carried out in Marseille-5 avenues are representative of the air pollution breathed by Marseille's inhabitants.   

The super site gathers a complete set of unregulated pollutants measurements allowing a better understanding of particles pollution phenomenology (physico-chemical properties, sources) in a complex Mediterranean urban environment and, in the medium term, to refine the health impact of atmospheric particles.






In addition to the instrumentation necessary to measure all the regulated parameters (PM10, PM2.5, NOx, O3, SO2) and the main greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4), the super site is equipped with :

  • ToF-ACSM  (Time of flight-Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor) for the analysis of the chemical composition of the non-refractory submicron aerosol fraction (Organic aerosol, sulfate, nitrate, ammonium) (Since Feb 2017) [More details],
  • Aetholometer (AE33) for Black Carbon (BC) and Brown Carbon measurements [More details],
  • Xact 625i for online metals analysis (temporal resolution 60 min) (Since July 2018), [More details],
  • SMPS (Scanning Mobilty Particle Sizer) for total number concentration of submicron particles (15-700 nm) and their size distribution (Since Sept 2018)  [More details],
  • Meteorological station (Temperature, Relative Humidity, 3D sonic anemometer)


Marseille-5 avenues super site is a state of the art scientific platform as well as an information and evaluation tool of the effectiveness of public policies. Its goal is also to host ambitious national and international research projects as wel as training schools for Master and PhD students.

Results will be available online in a very near future (Summer 2018)

Contact LCE

Nicolas Marchand : (+33) 4 13 55 10 51

Benjamin Chazeau (PhD Student) : (+33) 4 13 55 10 46



Super Site Aerosol - Marseille 5 avenues