SERENADE : safer and ecodesign research and education applied to nanomaterial development, the new generation of materials safer by design


  • Bottero J y
  • Rose Jérôme
  • de Garidel C.
  • Masion A.
  • Deutsch Th.
  • Brochard G.
  • Carrière M.
  • Gontard Nathalie
  • Wortham Henri
  • Rabilloud T.
  • Salles Bernard
  • Dubosson M.
  • Cathala C
  • Boutry D.
  • Ereskovsky Alexander
  • Auplat C.
  • Charlet L.
  • Heulin T.
  • Frejafon E
  • Lanone S.

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SERENADE is a French project which aims to develop and apply the " safer by design " process to create safer nano-products. It achieves this goal by combining knowledge and scientific approaches from a range of disciplines towards this common goal. This tutorial review presents the conceptual approach to " Safer by Design " and provides several examples of case studies primarily for TiO 2 (anatase) present in paints and cements to demonstrate how the approach can inform design decisions. Particular attention is paid to chronic low dose exposure scenarios.

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