Pool and spa in time of COVID-19

Date de l'évènement: 
Monday, 22 June, 2020

In this period of health crisis, the reopening of swimming pools and aquatic centers poses the difficult question of the measures to be taken to limit the risks for users and staff.

The simple increase in chlorine doses could lead to an accumulation of disinfection by-products, the majority of which are known for their toxicity (volatile compounds such as trichloramine, chloral hydrate and chloroform, or dissolved compounds such as haloacetic acids). This web conference brings together health regulators and agencies, chemists and microbiologists from different countries (Europe and the United States) to propose proportionate protection measures.

The LCE is a member of the scientific committee of this web conference "Swimming pool and spa at the time of COVID-19" and will chair a session.

This conference is completely free for participants. The proceedings of this conference will be available on www.triumphlearning.it