8th International Conference on Swimming Pool and Spa

Date de l'évènement: 
Monday, 18 March, 2019 to Friday, 22 March, 2019

Swimming and bathing have long been recognized as having beneficial effects on health, whether for maintenance of wellness by exercice activities in swimming pools or for their therapeutic potentials when bathing in mineral, spring or sea waters. In the other hand, when the pools or spas are not well managed, or when users do not comply with the hygiene rules, swimmers, bathers, and, maintenance personel and lifeguards, are exposed to microbial and chemical contaminations, through inhalation, dermal absorption and accidental ingestion.

This event intends to present the current state of knowledge regarding the impact of the recreational and sporting use of swimming pools and similar environments upon the health of users and staff– specifically microbial contamination and exposure to chemicals. Control and monitoring of the hazards associated with these environments, and design and management of the pools to reduce these impacts will also be discussed. Improvements (and/or harmonization) to the existing regulations will be addressed. The crucial role of bathers in bringing down the occurrence of contaminants will be covered in terms of educational, social and behavioural aspects.


Swimming pools and spas are the subject of basic and applied international research that will be covered by the conference.

Preliminary programme includes the following topics:

• Health benefits of swimming

• Education/behaviour

• Microbiological health

• Disinfection by-products

• Removal of contaminants (in air and water)

• Modelling and simulation

• Pool design and management

• On-line and off-line measurement of air and water quality

• Guidelines and regulations

• Safety and emerging topics

• Biological swimming pools/ponds

• Thermal and seawater pools/therapaeutic pools

• Private whirlpools, water playgrounds, water-theme park