Highly stereoselective aldol reactions by Memory of Chirality: synthesis of quaternary beta-hydroxy alpha-amino acids


  • Roupnel Loïc
  • Guillot Régis
  • Gori Didier
  • Viswambharan Baby
  • Kouklovsky Cyrille
  • Alezra Valérie


  • Amino acid
  • Memory of Chirality
  • Aldol reaction
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Tertiary Aromatic Amide

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We describe here an asymmetric aldol reaction based on the principle of Memory of Chirality. From -amino acids such as leucine and methionine, we have synthesized in 2 steps quaternary alpha-amino acid derivatives with high diastereoselectivity and enantioselectivity, using the chirality of the initial alpha-amino acid as the only chirality source. Furthermore, we were able to determine the relative and absolute configurations of the aldol products thanks to crystallographic structures and thus showed that the relative configuration depended on the aldehyde employed. We proposed a stereoselectivity explanation and obtained also quaternarybeta-hydroxy alpha-amino acids after acidic hydrolysis.

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