Evaluation of an integrated constructed wetland to manage pig manure under Mediterranean climate


  • Nehmtow Julie
  • Rabier Jacques
  • Giguel Raphaël
  • Coulomb Bruno
  • Farnet da Silva Anne Marie
  • Perissol Claude
  • Alary Arnaud
  • Laffont-Schwob Isabelle


  • Water preservation
  • Pig manure
  • Sustainable solution
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Constructed wetland
  • Ammonium
  • Aeration

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Pig manure is a complex mixture with excessive nutrients such as ammonium, microbial pathogens and may contain contaminants such as antibiotics. Conventional pig manure management practices caused water contamination. Sludge treatment wetland has been evaluated to determine its potential use under Mediterranean climate aiming at a parsimonious use of water and preventing water contamination, two major steps to preserve water resources in the Mediterranean Basin. Preliminary NH 4-N degradation was tested using aeration process and/or addition of commercial bacterial products. Aeration alone appeared to be sufficient to ensure nitrogen transformation of the pig manure at lab small-scale (10 L) and medium-scale (300 L). Selected plant species e.g., Carex hispida for use in the integrated constructed wetland tolerated the nitrogen content after aeration enabling their use in a treatment vertical bed.

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